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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Self-Overturning Outhouses

O.K....so here's something that IT NEVER EVEN OCCURRED TO ME THAT I WOULD EVER NEED TO WORRY ABOUT!!!....yes....I'm totally serious when I use the phrase...SELF- OVERTURNING OUTHOUSES. Yes...that's right..no human or animal flipped this baby over....no way man...it did it all by itself. If you want to figure this one out for yourself, stop reading right now, go get yourself a cup of coffee, or a stiff drink, or your hallucinogenic of choice and make up a bunch of stuff....For those of you still left, see below:

You see folks, when the snow melts up here there is still a layer of permafrost just below the surface of the ground. In a year with lots of snow, and therefore lots of snow melt there seems to be this little problem...if there isn't enough "stuff" in the outhouse bucket..."wink wink"... and the meltwater can't soak into the ground, then the water can come up so fast over the course of a few days that the bucket begins to float on the meltwater, pushing up on the seat in the outhouse. If there is no weight on the seat and no-one is around to notice then the bucket just floats up higher and higher and the whole outhouse frame just tips itself over....

Seriously, I'm not kidding...

Life in Alaska.

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